New developments arise at Van Ruysdael from our belief in pursuing the path less trodden and asking critical questions.

the new approach

Van Ruysdael asks critical questions about the preservation of existing windows and about the maximum feasible return from the use of insulation in certain situations. This, for instance, led to a completely different take on sustainability and health. Many current insulation solutions exact a heavy toll on people and buildings. At Van Ruysdael, however, people and buildings serve as points of departure. These changes have all been incorporated into our products – from the knowledge and advice we provide to our glass and sash window solutions. The results achieved can be succinctly qualified as 'the new approach to insulation'. Read more...

new sash window concept

At the Restoration Trade Fair in April 2011, we presented our latest concept, which also aids in preserving the original beauty of sash windows. With pre-ordering underway, we already have a healthy order book. The technology has greatly reduced the amount of space required, as well as the fitting time. What’s more, the price is astonishingly interesting.

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