Each architectural period has its own characteristic features, something certainly true for the glazing.

traditional glass

Traditional glass is recognisable by the charming unevenness and reflectance characteristic of this period. View the product range for more examples.

classic glass

Classic glass has a slightly uneven structure that gives windows from this period their characteristic appearance. View the product range for more examples.

modern glass

Modern glass is glass that is almost completely flat and that is recognisable by its clearly defined reflections. View the product range for more examples.

clear, but not dull

Van Ruysdael glass is transparent and rarely discolours. Sometimes, at different times, from certain angles and for certain incidences of light, the glass outwardly reflects a beautiful range of colourful tints and hues like a natural diamond. This imbues the traditional or classic glass reflection with a subtle extra dimension of colour. This effect comes from the precious metal melted into the glass that radiates a subtle patina for certain incidences of light or viewpoints. On occasion, when the sun shines along it, the minute particles of precious metal in the glass catch the light: at moments such as these the glass can appear to be slightly diffuse.

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