Van Ruysdael insulating single glazing is the result of a technological breakthrough: we have succeeded in making our glass even thinner, lighter, stronger and more sustainable.

unique features

Our glass, which can be as thin as 5.8mm, provides heat and UV protectionanti‑burglary features and sound insulation. The minimal thickness of the glass means that it can be installed in the original window frames and because of its glass reflectance it can hardly be distinguished from authentic glass. This means that original windows, which are often beautiful and durable, will be preserved and will be much more sustainable.

permanent equilibrium

Van Ruysdael glazing gives permanent insulation and maintains the equilibrium both from a health and an environmental perspective. Van Ruysdael is continually striving to achieve the best possible aesthetic, economic and ecological performance, something you will find expressed in all our products.

features Van Ruysdael glass