Life span, sustainability and guarantees go hand in hand at Van Ruysdael.

long life span

The life span of Van Ruysdael insulating single glazing is many times longer that that of other insulation glazing. Whereas the double glazing of the competition starts leaking after ten to 20 years, our insulating single glazing has a life span in excess of 30 years, because it doesn’t use a cavity.

really sustainable

Installing Van Ruysdael insulating single glazing gives you the option of retaining your original windows. This offers major energy and cost savings. In addition, the architecture and value of your building are preserved. When you combine this glass with Van Ruysdael glazing material, a single strong, beautiful and sustainable whole is created that requires less maintenance.


Your choice for the combination of Van Ruysdael glass and glazing material will be rewarded. You will benefit from having the most beautiful and most sustainable insulating glazing. Van Ruysdael glass is a class apart, also because it is barely distinguishable from the original single glazing. In order to assure you of the quality of our glass, we will issue you with a Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee for 15-years. This means peace of mind, enjoyment and the best possible rate of return.