Thin glass with special security features: a preventive feature to counteract intrusion.


Van Ruysdael supplies the insulating++ glass by default with security features in the basic security category P1a-P2a. If you want to make your glass even more secure, Van Ruysdael can also offer you the heavy anti-intrusion glazing (P4a) or an extra heavy anti-intrusion glazing (P5a). If you require even more protection, we will be happy to tailor our glazing to your specific needs.


Protection makes people feel safe. This passive security measure is something that Van Ruysdael gives you as standard with its insulating++ glazing: glass that does not break easily and, even if it does break, it is supported by a special intermediate layer that ensures that it does not immediately break apart into dangerous shards. This is the peace of mind and security that we are happy to offer you as standard.

museum security

Van Ruysdael specialises in designing thin glass with special security features that combines perfectly with other useful features such as insulation, UV protection, sun protection or other specific characteristics. This is great news, especially if you want your building to retain its original windows and character.