Glass installation is a craft. Van Ruysdael advises on, develops and supplies glass. As glass installation is a specialist craft, Van Ruysdael has decided to leave this work to the specialists, allowing us to concentrate on our core tasks.

high quality standards

Van Ruysdael sets high quality standards for the glass installation, with Van Ruysdael mastic. This is why we work with professional glaziers who have the same excellent reputation for service and quality as we do.


At Van Ruysdael, we see glaziers as specialist craftsmen (and craftswomen). If you are looking for a specialist craftsman to deliver and install Van Ruysdael glass, we know several specialists who would be happy to visit you to make measurements, deliver and install the Van Ruysdael glass. Please contact us for a professional glazier close to you.

additional guarantee

Van Ruysdael guarantees the glass for 15 years, provided that it has been installed according to our instructions. Our select group of glaziers will guarantee the actual installation of the glass. Before awarding the work contract, ask your glazier what guarantee will be given for the installation work. A 15-year guarantee may also be granted on the installation work if the Van Ruysdael fitting material is applied correctly and a high‑quality base is used.

For installing Van Ruysdael glass, please contact us or request a quotation.  

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