Van Ruysdael is the founder of insulating single-glazing , which offers the best performance for buildings from before 1965.

thinner, lighter and more beautiful

Van Ruysdael’s insulating single-glazing solution is thinner, lighter and more beautiful. This unique glass has been specially designed with the interests of people and buildings in mind. All thinkable glass features can be found in our product range. Would you like to be advised about your specific situation, please request a quotation.

energy conservation

Although most people believe that insulation and energy conservation entails the installation of double glazing and the presence of a low heat transfer coefficient, this does not always hold true in practice. It seems that Van Ruysdael glass, which offers a higher heat transfer coefficient, is more effective in energy conservation. Moreover, no new window frames need to be made, and the life span is significantly longer.

healthy indoor environment

For two millenia, people have been living in healthy buildings with single glazing. For the past 40 years, energy conservation efforts have focussed on the use of thick or thin double glazing. However, we now know that this glazing detracts from the indoor environment. For this reason, Van Ruysdael developed insulating single glazing to maintain a pleasant and healthy indoor environment.

cultural preservation

Van Ruysdael glass uses original traditionally manufactured glass as a base and consists of the best quality and most sustainable materials. What’s more, its thickness – or should we say ‘thinness’ – down to 5,8mm means that Van Ruysdael glass can be fitted in the original window frames, thus retaining and preserving the existing windows and architectural features.

glass instalation and mastic

Glass installation is a craft. Van Ruysdael has decided to leave this work to the specialists. We developed Van Ruysdael mastic to ensure that the glass and original frames look even more beautiful for even longer. This glazing material strengthens glass, windows and paintwork and extends its life span by many times while also reducing the intensity of the maintenance required.

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