What does C2E-technology® do?
The Comfort Care and Energy technology® offers a high degree of comfort and offers a healthy living environment, inside and outside.

C for Comfort
This technology is the result of invisible precious metal nanoparticles that are homogeneously bonded to the glass surface, fulfilling useful functions. The nanoparticles ensure that the heat generated by central heating remains in the house on the interior of the glass by pleasantly and tangibly radiating the heat back inside.

C for Care 

‘Care’ involves ensuring that excess damp is not moved and will not lead to unhealthy bacteria and/or mould formation. That prevents many symptoms of illness and use of medicine. At the very least it makes compensatory ventilation technologies superfluous.

E for Energy
The insulating single glazing has a life span that is 10 times longer than standard double glass. Moreover, Van Ruysdael insulating single glazing is much thinner, as a result of which less energy is used in glass production and transportation, saving terajoules of energy. It also offers even more energy conservation because new window frames are not always required, meaning the old window frames do not need to be removed prematurely. Less material is required for maintenance. These are the energy benefits of the C2E-technology® that immediately offers the user a high level of energy conservation.

Together the Comfort, Care and Energy of the C2E-technology® provide a considerably healthier living environment with more savings than double glass with the lowest U-value.

C2E technology®