reflective layer

The unique reflective layer that is melted into the inside insulating single glazing consists of precious metal nanoparticles. The main function of this reflective layer is to keep the heat from the central heating on the inside of the glass and to radiate that tangibly back into the house.

The reflective layer is so strongly bonded to the glass that it will not come loose. Under normal use the reflective layer will continue to work. The reflective layer could be damaged by abrasives or aggressive acids, just as normal glass would be. No special care is needed. Nevertheless black lines resembling scratches can sometimes develop on the glass. These lines are left behind when a metal object is brushed against the glass. They can easily be removed using Perfection.

The reflective layer can be felt if you rub your fingers across it, or it can be detected using a 'reflection layer meter'. Contact us for more information. In short, it is an incredibly strong layer that works well.