Van Ruysdael Performance

VR P1.02

Van Ruysdael Performance


Van Ruysdael Performance is the most robust and sustainable solution for installing glass in valuable and classically detailed window frames.

Performance ensures you preserve the finest details because it sustains a flexible connection throughout the life span and moves with the glass and window material. This prevents watering behind and under the glass. The additional benefit is that the windows’ paintwork lasts many times longer and stays more beautiful. This is because we at Van Ruysdael believe that the result has to be good not just upon completion – in fact, it’s much more important to ensure that the result remains beautiful for many years to come.

Van Ruysdael Performance complies with ISO 11600 G25 HM and the strictest glazing standards and is extremely suitable for painting over with either water-based or solvent-based paint.

Available in sets of six 290-ml containers. Different (sausage-shaped) packs and colours are available on request for orders starting at approx. 400 kg.