Van Ruysdael glass is a unique product that has a longer life span than other insulating glazing.

Certificate of Authenticity

In order to give you a guarantee that you have purchased an authentic Van Ruysdael product, we will be pleased to send you a Certificate of Authenticity upon request.

15-year glass guarantee

Most Van Ruysdael products are delivered with a limited five-year guarantee as standard. If you would like to extend this guarantee to 15 years, you should install the glass using Van Ruysdael Mastic according to our installation instructions. We have fine-tuned this combination of products in such a way that the glass, the window and the paintwork will now have a much longer life span. This saves you a lot of worry and a lot of money. 

installation guarantee

These days, more and more glaziers who work with Van Ruysdael now offer a guarantee on glass installation. Ask your glazier about the guarantee they provide.