Another option is to state in your request for a quotation that you wish to place an order. If you have already received a quotation that you wish to convert into an order, please sign it for approval and return it to us.


If you place an order, you must indicate the precise glass dimensions and model types. Dimensions are stated in millimetres. The glass size is the window frame size minus the tolerance for glass. The required tolerance for Van Ruysdael glass is usually 3 to 5mm per side, depending on how much room the window frame allows. In other words, the glass size is 6 to 10mm smaller than the window frame size. Glass dimensions are always quoted as width x height.

You can record the dimensions yourself or have this done for you by your glazier. If you are looking for a glazier, we can advise you on this as well. 


You have several options if your order includes model panes, namely: 
- For the most common types, we have a sheet of models where you can enter the dimensions; this sheet can be included with your order;
- You can mail us a digital drawing in DXF or DWG format;
- You can submit templates to Van Ruysdael (note that a charge will be made for processing your templates).
Please note that glass models are specified and measured from the outside in. 

order confirmation

After submitting your order, you will receive an order confirmation within a few days. This confirmation states the order details, price and delivery date indication. Check the order and send the order confirmation back to us by e-mail or post, signed for approval. If the order is incorrect, please contact us.


You effect payment in the manner outlined on the invoice. Once your payment is received, you will receive confirmation of the delivery date.